Selling Tips

Before you Start

  1. Is it the best time to sell?
  2. Key Steps to sell.
  3. Auction or asking price?
  4. Valuing a property
  5. Use a Real estate Agent or sell yourself
  6. Choosing a real estate Agent

1. Lifestyle changes are often the reason behind our decision to sell. Whether you are relocating, have a growing family or are downsizing, working out when to time your sale can be daunting – especially for first-time sellers.

Your decision to sell your property may not coincide with the perfect market conditions. Therefore it is important to know what is happening in the property market and the economy as a whole, as the real estate market generally reflects the current state of the broader economy.

Additionally, you should consider your own personal objectives, your ability to finance a new property and meet ongoing repayments and capital gains tax implications for selling an investment property.

This is often a good discussion point to start with when speaking with your agent.

2. Prepare your home for selling. Some great tips for sellers ,

  • Less is more – reduce clutter in the house.
  • Tidy the gardens.
  • Call in an interior designer as they have some great ideas for presentation and can often tweak the home using your furnishing items.
  • Home staging can often prove to be a winner and assist the agent to achieve a better outcome.
  • Photography is very important so choose a great photographer with ability to do day, night and aerial photography.

  • 3. Both systems of selling have their pros and cons so before you decide which is best for you write down the advantages and disadvantages of both methods of sale. This decision can be effected by the current market conditions and the actual area or suburb that your property is located so take the time to discuss the options with your agent.

    4. Getting a valuation for your property can be done by a registered valuer at your cost or get a few appraisals by a real estate agent can also be very helpful. Over pricing a home will inevitably deter buyers where having a price of attraction will create competition amongst buyers and can result in a better result.

    5. Real estate agents sell properties for a living and their wealth of experience can be invaluable. Additionally, using an agent also gives you legal protection.

    An agent will:

  • Provide a realistic indication of the value of your property
  • Help you decide how to sell your property, whether by auction, asking price or tender
  • Organise, attend and record prospective buyers at open for inspection days
  • Manage enquiries about your property
  • Provide access to more potential buyers via their own prospect database
  • Handle sale negotiations on your behalf and strive to achieve the best possible result
  • An agent will:
  • Advise on and coordinate the marketing of your property, including preparation of flyers, floor plans and photography
  • Prepare a professional advertising schedule designed to generate the most exposure for your property to attract the most potential buyers
  • Prepare a Contract of Sale
  • Provide guidance on conveyancing, legal and financial services
  • Finalise the sale through a solicitor or conveyancing specialist
  • Selling a property is a big financial transaction, so it’s worth considering using an expert. Even if you have the experience and the resources to ‘go it alone’, doing so can be expensive and extremely time-consuming.

    Selling privately may significantly reduce the number of buyers your property is exposed to as private sale listing websites rarely have enough property stock to attract and retain serious buyers. Real estate .com only accepts only listings from real estate agents to provide quality, professional listings and ensure every party is legally protected and well-represented.

    6. Choosing an agent is one of the most important steps towards a successful sale. They’ll be doing all the hard work in your sale, from listing and marketing your property to negotiating sales and taking care of the legal aspects – all crucial to the success of your sale.

    Think of choosing an agent as entering into a business partnership: because that’s exactly what it is – a partnership where both parties stand to gain from a successful result.

    We recommend you shortlist a selection of agents in your local area who have sold properties similar to yours.

    We at Platinum realty plus have the experience and an enviable track record so please take the time to have a look at our references and sales track record. The caring nature of our sales team is second to none in the industry and with guidance from our staff you will achieve your desired results.

    As a vendor, you want to get the highest possible price for your property. However, setting an unrealistic price will deter buyers. The value of your property can depend on factors such as:

  • The state of the market
  • Current interest rates
  • The type of property
  • The sold prices of similar properties in the area
  • Ultimately the market will decide what it is prepared to pay, but you need a realistic starting point. Experienced local real estate agents can provide the best indication. Many sellers ask two or three agents to get an idea.